We get a lot of questions from brands on how we work so I wanted to take a few minutes and take you behind the scenes. 

When a potential client gets in touch with us we start by getting to know the client a little more, their brand and the products they want photographed. We then put together a full proposal with different packages that have 2-3 price levels. The proposal also contains concept moodboard, location suggestions and all models the brand can choose from. All of this is sent to the potential client and once accepted all the planning starts. 

We are a full-service photography agency and we organise everything from location, props, styling, models and so on. Our clients never lift a finger. Their only job is to choose the model they want and the rest we take care off. 

On the day of the shoot we have a photography assistant that films behind the scenes and extra video material for us. Besides taking still photos we also do a lot of videography as our clients wants a little bit of both worlds.

Once the shoot is done we process and backup all the photos and videos from the day, to make sure the material is secure and start the culling process. The culling process can be a super long process as we tend to shoot several thousands of photos during out shoot. We aim at giving our clients a very high variation in locations and outfits but that means we also end up shooting a lot of material. I normally spend at least a day choosing the best photos to send to our client. We go from 2-3.000 photos down to 2-300 photos that we send to our clients.

We send our clients the main gallery of lightly edited images. The client then chooses the photos they love the most and we do a final edit on those. That way the creative control is in the hands of the client and we ensure that they get the pictures they need for their business.

After that we will need 1-2 weeks to edit the final images and they are sent to our client. All samples are returned to the client aswell.

Normally a Bespoke campaign has approx. 2-4 weeks turn around. For webdesign and other graphic projects, we have a 4-8 weeks turn around.


Step one

First step is to get in touch with us. Either via our contact form or directly via email. mie@theluxurialist.co

Step two


From the details we discuss in our initial email exchange, we will send over a detailed proposal that includes all deliverables, dates and prices. This is for you to review. Once you are happy with the proposal we will go ahead to next stage.

Step three


Here we will plan all details for your project. Everything from dates, to models, locations, props and so on. Each project is different so this stage might be shorter or longer, depending on the scope.

Step four


Shoot day is here! The best day in this entire process. We make sure to send you BTS (if you are not on set with us). That way you can follow our work and you can use them for your own SoMe channels.

Step five


This process always takes longer than you would think. We will go through all the images and videos we have captured and make a rough selection of 200-300 images/videos. These are then sent over to our client, who does the final selection.

Finalised project


After the final selection of our client, we will prepare the final images and send everything to our client. We also add a little extra "something something" for our clients.


A sneak peak into what our clients typical get after a finished shoot. This is the gallery for The Go To Gift and they are absolutely spoiled for choice. From this gallery our clients pick their favourite images which we will do the final edits on and send to the client. Start your project by getting in touch or download our Pricing & Services Guide below.

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