How we achieve flawless photos


One of our favourite ways of shooting is without any use of fake lighting or other “help” tools. The Sun is really magical and nothing compares to shooting in all natural light. You just get this warm, glowy feel to your images. A lot of photographers dont feel comfortable shooting using natural light but thats the way I taught myself to shoot from the beginning of my career. I shoot in almost any weather condition (except for rain) but my preferred way of shooting is in the South of Europe, early-to late afternoon. The colors you get from that time of day and geographical location are simply amazing. 

The preferred way photographers normally wants to shoot is in overcast weather or they would use a skim (a screen that softens the light from the sun) in order to create soft shadows. Im a bit in the opposite lane. I actually prefer to shoot when the sun is out and the weather is not overcast. I would even prefer to shoot mid day in the hard sun, than having overcast weather. Overcast for me creates more moody, somber looking images and not the warm glowy images that I always seek to create. 

When the sun is out I can see where the shadows fall, how to create pretty effects with flare and I absolutely love backlight images. You dont get the same kind of effect with overcast weather or by using a skrim. I dont even use a reflector as I really dislike the fake looking light it makes.

Another positive thing about shooting with natural light only is that you get to travel with less gear and you dont need a big crew on your shoots. I actually tend to shoot just by myself as I find that its easier to focus on the task when its just me and the model on the shoot. I have only used a makeup artist on few occasions. I love the natural look and I prefer my models to look underdone than overdone and natural with a bare face. Of course if the assignment requires a makeup artist, then its also amazing to work with professional makeup artists, but I dont really need the made up look so much in my shoots. 

The same goes for my editing. I like to keep things natural. I only edit skin lightly and I never change anything about my models face or body. I have been told over and over again, by models, that they have worked with so many photographers who alters their face and body so much that they dont even recognise themselves anymore. Its very easy to change the shape of a nose, a arm and a waist. It only takes a few clicks. I really dont see the need and I feel that the new consumers are tired of the made-up plastic look. 

When you work with us you get natural feeling images that are stunning to look at and has a warm glow to them. At least that is what we strive for. We are not good at producing images with overly done makeup and fake lightings, thats simply not our style.