We are so in love with Kunkeei and their amazing products. Not only do they care about sustainability and pure natural ingredients but they also care a lot about their visuals. You see it immediately in the design of their products and they are a pure joy to photograph.

We shot so many stunning images for Kunkeei. in fact so many that they are impossible to display here. Check out Kunkeei website and socials for more images from us.



We also had the pleasure of redesigning their blog page. We focused on creating a seamless experience and the foundation of the design is the same as their main site, but with an added “Luxurialist” touch.

You can see their Journal here: www.journal.kunkeei.com

We went for warm hues (our fave) and lots of closeups that show cased the gorgeous products.

We played with natural light and bare skin on a Mallorca beach. Golden hour shoots gets us these golden hues that we absolutely love.